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Visitor Servicing – Fish where the fish are

By DMS Fish where the fish are : Makes sense if you want to catch fish. It also makes sense if you want to catch visitors. Visitor Servicing is about connecting with as many visitors, or potential visitors, as possible. Both inside and outside the destination. Then providing them with information that will influence where

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Visiting Friends & Relatives – A shot in the arm for tourism

By DMS At the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, COVID-19 has smashed the tourism industry. Lock- downs, border closures and a host of other travel restrictions have, for many destinations, stripped thousands if not millions of dollars from their visitor economies. While all destinations vary, international and interstate travel have been the hardest hit

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Go on, we dare you – Avoiding the sea of sameness

By DMS Today’s tourism world is highly competitive and cluttered with so many destinations all shouting about their attributes. The bigger the budget, the louder they shout. Sadly, it’s creating a sea of sameness. And COVID-19 has done little to calm the competition. Given all this, how do destinations stand out from the noisy crowd?

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