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Trails aren’t just Pathways

My top 5 insights from the TRC Sustainable Trails Conference 2024 in Central Otago New Zealand Last week Carl and I attended the TRC Sustainable Trails Conference 2024 in Central Otago New Zealand, and it was a veritable treasure trove of insights into trail opportunities, not just within Central Otago, but across broader horizons. Charlotte

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Travellers vs Tourists: Finding a Balance in Modern Travel

As an avid traveller and keen environmentalist, I have an inherent passion for exploring nature’s wonders and promoting responsible tourism. Carl, Charlotte and I first worked together at NSW National Parks, where we played an active role in promoting the positive impacts tourism can have on our natural environment, if done responsibly. Considering myself more

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Avoid Being Boring

Borrowing Brilliance and NOT Talking About Sustainability (kind of). In his speech titled, “Be brave but don’t be boring – Explaining the path to a more sustainable future in a city”, Per Grankvist, Chief Storyteller, Viable Cities starts by encouraging us to steal more. So I am going to do just that! Having recently watched

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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing custodianship of the land, waters and culture for over 60,000 years.

We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. We are privileged to learn from them in the way we care for and share Australia's diverse nature and culture, and we strive to walk humbly in the footsteps of those who have walked these paths before us.

Artwork by Steven Jupurrurla Nelson, Janganpa Jukurrpa (Brush-tail Possum Dreaming) – Mawurrji, Warlpiri country