Threads Unravelled – 5 Early Outtakes for Destination Marketers

By Ben Andrews

Instagram’s new social media platform Threads, offers a fresh canvas for destination marketers. At the same time, it brings a new sense of pressure to marketing teams –
“What do we post? How often? What is our strategy? I don’t have time for this!” Those on the app have probably already seen the memes of marketing staff tearing their hair out.

Now remember, we’re all learning together. Threads could potentially become a valuable tool for destination marketing, so use this time to not be overwhelmed, but experiment and become familiar with the platform.

From my early observations, here are 5 key outtakes for destination marketing teams:

1. Embrace the chaos and uncertainty

Like any new platform, Threads offers the thrill of exploration. Remember, nobody knows what they are doing on there. In my experience, it’s always been better to jump on in the early days and learn along with everyone else.

Experimentation of content and ideas is one of the most exciting things about new platforms, embrace it!

2. Don’t overthink it

You’re not supposed to have a bullet-proof content strategy at the ready for every new platform. It’s probably taken you years of testing on your other regular platforms to define your strategy (until the next algo update). Don’t treat the launch of this platform like a race. Take your time, set up your account and test some posts. It can be as simple as re-purposing your other platform content to see what works.

3. Go back to basics

As destination marketers we can often fall into the trap of using social media to only promote our destinations, treating the platforms like a one-way street. We forget that the real power of these platforms is the meaningful connections that we forge and the conversations that eventuate. Threads gives you an additional touchpoint to build relationships and foster a sense of community around your destination. The text-focused platform also provides the opportunity for storytelling and conversation generation. Not generating any conversations? Hijack someone else’s thread.

4. Connect with your community

The beauty of Threads lies in its community-focused nature. Your existing Instagram followers are likely to follow you over to Threads. Use this to your advantage and continue engaging them with valuable, intriguing content about your destination. As an early adopter, you are also more likely to appear in their Thread feed. Build some engagement and you’ll likely stay there.

5. Enjoy the ride

We’re all just waiting to see where this platform takes us. You can be assured that updates are only just around the corner as Meta and their machine watch and learn from its users. So for now, sign up, don’t be so serious with your content, engage with other like-minded destination brands in the hope of picking up some tips and tricks (eg Explore Iceland) and be there as your followers trickle over.

I think back to TikTok’s meteoric rise a few years ago and the lack of interest from destinations to get onboard. Looking back, it was those that did embrace the platform that have built an engaged following and learnt what works and what doesn’t because they were there for the formative period.

Threads big-bang like expansion this week indicates it’s not going away any time soon.
Don’t be scared. Get on there and start testing. You can’t stuff it up. And if you do? It will no doubt engage well.

Follow along as we embrace the chaos

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