Get to know Mikayla, DMS’ new Digital Marketing Coordinator

We are so excited to welcome Mikayla Watson to team DMS as our new Digital Marketing Coordinator.
Mikayla’s first task – come up with an engaging way to tell you (and us) her story instead of the boring staff bio. 
Her response – ‘would an Instagram style carousel work?’. Let’s try!
When I first explored my desire to work with animals and sustainability practices through volunteer work with Shark Research in Jervis Bay. Went onto complete my Tourism Certificate 3 at Taronga Training Institute (with a dream of running the bird or seal show at Taronga Zoo!).
Figuring it was time to gain some world experience I packed up and moved abroad. I travelled to many countries before basing myself in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and teaching English to children.
Moved to the beautiful Forster in the Barrington Coast of NSW with my now husband Curtis. While working at a local pharmacy I launched my sustainable travel blog Mikayla Jane Travels. The blog grew quickly and before I knew it, I was partnering with local restaurants, accommodation and tour providers. This is when I first came across DMS and Carl and Charlotte. As well as my blog, I began volunteering as a Tour Guide with NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services in Copeland State Conservation Area.
Wanting to step up my green-impact I began a sustainable ecommerce business selling secondhand items and educating followers across my channels on how they can do the same in a sustainable way (plastic free shipping people!).
I finally found a role pursuing my passion for travel, marketing and sustainable practices as Marketing Officer for Destination Barrington Coast, the tourism brand of MidCoast Council. I was able to apply all of the knowledge built up over years of running my own channels to now showcase the beautiful region I call home.
Sustainable household? You bet. My introduction to permaculture course helped me develop the skills and knowledge for running a sustainable household, growing our own food and building the soil health of our property to enrich the biodiversity on our suburban block. We even built our own regenerative chick coop. We own a pharmacy in Forster called Watson’s Pharmacy so it made sense to name this Watson’s Farmacy.
We welcomed our beautiful son Kai in 2023. Best believe we applied our sustainability practices to parenting. Cloth nappies, compostable wipes, baby wearing (didn’t own a pram for the first 12 months), no plastic toys, nature-based activities for sensory experiences, homemade baby-led weaning foods.
Back to work! So excited to kick off my next role Digital Marketing Coordinator with Carl, Charlotte, Ben and Oly. I can’t wait to start applying my skills of content creation and passions for travel and marketing to support our clients. And best believe sustainable tourism practices is high on my agenda!
Mikayla brings a wealth of expertise and creativity to the team. With a passion for travel and a keen eye for content creation, Mikayla will be using her extensive experience to craft compelling brand and marketing strategies for multiple destinations across the DMS portfolio.